Saturday, August 1, 2009

The engagement & wedding

We both knew around Thanksgiving that we wanted to be married. In looking at possible dates, it seemed convenient to be married right before my spring break so we could go on our honeymoon during that time. The only spring break was in February. That didn't leave much time to plan for a wedding. As the reality of all the planning set in, I told Chad that I'd need some help. I asked if we could tell his mom so that she could help me begin planning, even though things weren't official.
She was so excited when we told her. It was a Sunday. "I knew it!", she said. I can still see her face when Chad threw in that we wanted to be married in February. "Oh. Let me sit down...February. Ok, that's alright. We do fast weddings in this family. We can do this."
Chad went home with me for Christmas. It was Christmas day when he asked my dad for my hand in marriage. He, of coarse, agreed.
New Year's day, I had missed a call from Chad. He left a message asking how I felt about going out to get breakfast, and maybe for a nice dinner that night. I'd already eaten, but I called him back saying I'd be over to his apartment once I'd gotten ready. When I got there, I had a heavy load of things that I was toting up the stairs. I estimated that my load weighed probably 60+ pounds. As I struggled up the stairs I started to get a little annoyed. Surely he had to have seen me from his window struggling with the load. Where was he to offer help? I finally reached the door and kicked it with my foot to attempt a knock since my hands weren't free. Instead of a nice greeting, he opened the door and scarred me. This added to my building nerves, until I realized he was holding a rose. "Oh, you shouldn't have", I said. Then I came in. The floor was covered with roses and notes for me, on the wall he had a slide show of pictures of us projected, and in the background played a few of our songs. It was in that setting that he proposed to me.
We set the date for February 14 to be married in the Salt Lake temple. That didn't leave us much time. Planning a wedding in such a short time is a very stressful thing. I was thankful that Chad's mom had moved to Utah a month earlier. She was a lifesaver and it was fun getting to know her better as we worked together planning everything. In addition to being short on time, I also had a tight budget to work with. In regards to that, I felt the tender mercies of the Lord as we were led to people and resources that helped make things beautiful, yet inexpensive.
In the end, we had a wintery, snowy wedding day, but one that turned out beautiful.

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