Thursday, August 26, 2010

Craigslist: No, my husband is not for sell...

A few weeks ago I posted some of our furniture for sell on craigslist.  We were moving and hoped to downsize the load we'd have to move with us.  My husband just happened to be in a few of the pictures that I'd posted with the ad.

Imagine my surprise today when I got a call asking if the man in the pictures was single.  "What?," I asked in confusion.  "The man in the pictures...does he come with the couches?  Is he single?"  I paused.  Is this a prank?  Does she have the wrong number?  "What ad are you calling about?  The couches?", I asked.  "Yes.  Does the man come with the couches?  Is he single?"  The crazy thing is there was not a hint of sarcasm in this lady's voice!  I felt confused and stunned, almost as if I've just woken up from a nap and I'm half out of it still.  ", he's not single."  "Ugh!! Oookaaay.  Thanks anyways.  Bye."  And she hung up.

The curious thing about this strange call is that in the picture, my husband is actually near a picture of Jesus and our wedding pictures! In one of the photos, he's actually arranging one of our engagement pictures!  People these days!

So you all wanna see these incredibly good looking pictures?!  Feast your eyes...but not too much...he's not for sale!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm just curious why I always have chinese commentary on my blog posts.  My sister-in-law interpretted some of it for me once.  It was all fortune cookie type of sayings.  Anyone else have this problem?  If so, how do I make it stop?!  I don't really want my blog to go private.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've always had a sort of "to-do list for life" of things I'd like to do before I die (a.k.a. bucket list).  I'm so grateful to say that I've crossed some of those things off my list and will soon be crossing some more off.  What's on my bucketlist?  Well...

#1- Serve a mission...check

#2- Get my bachelor's degree...check

#3- Get married in the temple...check

#4- Go to Hawaii...check (twice over)

#5- give birth without an epidural ...check (even though once I was actually giving birth I wanted needed an epidural more than anything and yes, i know this is a weird thing to have on a bucket list)

#6- read the bible cover to progress (finished the old testament a few weeks ago and now in the new testament)

#7- run a marathon... still to be done

#8- photograph a wedding...check (I photographed my first wedding yesterday- stayed tuned into my photography blog to see the pictures in the next week or so)

#9- own my own house...almost check  (I am going to include a few pictures that we took a few weeks ago so my mother in law can see...hi mom.  we love you!)

#10- be completely debt free...yet to be achieved (obviously, the house isn't helping with that one)

I think I want to think up some more bucketlist items...hmm...a trip to Europe sounds nice...Spain, maybe England or Denmark (to visit an old friend...those won't help with #10 either)... :)

partial walk out basement-
master bath vanity
hallway bath